ON SALE NOW! Moses Presents Zoomer’s Choice Volume 3: More Great Voices & Vocal Hits

ON SALE NOW! 17 essential hits personally selected by Moses Znaimer on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his ownership of the station. Click to read more.
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The Cobourg & District Seniors Encore Club.......Seniors Having Fun

The Cobourg & District Seniors Encore Club offers a full calendar of 21 activities to it’s current 250 members. Seniors who are able or with limited mobility and transportation can gather at St. Peters Anglican Church in Cobourg for activities suiting their individual needs. The Annual Fee is $30.00 for any or all activities….. What a lovely Christmas Gift!

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Help Cornerstone Northumberland This Holiday With Their Christmas Progam

For some Women and Children……Home is not the safest place to be  this Holiday Season.Cornerstone is a Women’s Shelter in Northumberland providing a safe home away from home while Women and Children plan their next steps. You can help make a difference this Holiday Season by showing your support and making a donation through Cornerstone’s Christmas Program.

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Capitol Concert Series Is Presenting The Wonderful World Of Chirstmas

The Wonderful World Of Christmas with Steve Michaels is coming to The Capitol Theatre in Port Hope December 22nd. Capitol Theatre Artistic Director Antonio Sarmiento will be adding his signature visual effects. This performance is sure to put you and your family in the Holiday Spirit!

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Shakespeare: The Complete Works available exclusively on Classical FM

Now you can own the complete and unabridged collection of Shakespeare’s 37 plays, exclusively through The New Classical FM. Click to read more.

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Jean Stilwell Answers 20 Questions with Musical Toronto

Get to know The New Classical FM’s Jean Stiwell, host of Good Day GTA and also one of Canada’s leading mezzo-sopranos as she answers 20 questions with Musical Toronto. Q&A | 41 Questions For Jean Stilwell The post Jean Stilwell Answers 20 Questions with Musical Toronto appeared first on Classical FM...

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Jean Stilwell Answers 41 Questions with Musical Toronto

Get to know The New Classical FM’s Jean Stiwell, host of Good Day GTA and also one of Canada’s leading mezzo-sopranos as she answers 41 questions with Musical Toronto. Click here to read the article. Q&A | 41 Questions For Jean Stilwell The post Jean Stilwell Answers 41 Questions with Musical Toronto appeared first on Classical FM...

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Join Bill Anderson on a Tour of Frederic Chopin’s Poland

I’m Bill Anderson. Come along with me to the Chopin And His Europe Festival in Warsaw this August. We’ll enjoy two fabulous evenings of world famous compositions by Poland’s greatest composer, Frederic Chopin. We’ll visit the high tech, interactive Chopin Museum and travel just outside Warsaw to Zelazowa Wola, the small village where Chopin was born. After that we’ll be treated to an outdoor piano recital. Later we’re invited to a home-hosted lunch with a local family. We’ll learn about about their day to day life and have dessert in the garden. We’ll attend to a recital featuring a one-of-a-kind 18th century pipe organ inside a famous cathedral near Gdansk and be welcomed in Kazimierz, the historical Jewish district of Krakow for a special dinner and a Klezmer Music concert. This trip will sell out quickly so don’t delay. For details go to polandwithbill.ca or telephone Wanda at Chopin Tours at 1-844-9CHOPIN. The post Join Bill Anderson on a Tour of Frederic Chopin’s Poland appeared first on Classical FM...

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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Emma

Meet Emma! She is a lovely girl who needs some time to warm up to people but once she does that tail doesn’t stop wagging. Emma loves to play with her toys and will carry her favorite stuffy in her mouth. She is currently available as a foster and the foster parent can choose to adopt her once she is given the clear by our veterinary team. Emma is up for foster instead of adoption because we are concerned about the way she walks. There may be a neurological issue or a problem with her spine. The foster parent will be responsible for bringing her in for her appointments, providing basic care and reporting progress to our foster department. Emma would do best in an adult only home who has a house with yard because she tends to really miss her people when they leave so she can be vocal and sometimes destructive. Emma is a true sweetheart and would be a great addition to anyone’s household. To learn more about the adoption process visit The Humane Society today. The post The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Emma appeared first on Classical FM...

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How to Become a Superager

A psychology professor who recently did a study on so-called superagers has some advice on how to become a member of that elite group. Lisa Feldman-Barrett’s Op-Ed piece in the New York Times is titled ‘How to Become a Superager’ – one of those people whose memory and attention is way above average for their age, even on par with those who are decades younger. Her suggestion is to work hard at something. Feldman Barrett’s lab used MRI’s to scan and compare the brains of 17 superagers with those of other people the same age. That work confirmed that critical brain regions were thicker in the superagers. Meanwhile, she and other scientists have observed that those brain regions increase in activity and thickness when people perform difficult tasks, whether the effort is physical or mental. Her conclusion is that we can help keep these areas thick and healthy through vigorous use. But it has to be enough to cause some discomfort, like exercise when you are building muscle. The problem is other research suggests that as people get older they tend to pursue happiness by avoiding unpleasant situations. And avoiding the discomfort of mental effort or physical exertion,can result in thinner brain tissue. The bottom line, amusing puzzles like Sudoku and brain games are not enough to provide the benefits of superaging. Lisa Feldman-Barrett wants us to embrace tougher challenges like learning a new language or mastering a musical instrument. The post How to Become a Superager appeared first on Classical FM...

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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week – Heli

Heli is such a silly bird, who loves to sing and screech! Heli will need a large enclosure as well as daily enrichment and constant socialization. Heli will be a long term commitment and he will require extra socialization. He may even be a good fit for your current lovebird. To learn more about the adoption process visit The Humane Society today. The post The New Classical FM Pet of the Week – Heli appeared first on Classical FM...

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BugsA Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab Andreas Johnsen, director of this feature documentary Starring: Chef Ben Reade, Josh Evans & Roberto Flore How many of you would consider eating the following for dinner: stingless bees, earthworms, black soldier flies, June beetles, silkworms, mopane caterpillars, cheese fly larva, waxworms, cockroaches, locusts, wasps, termites, crickets, grasshoppers, Asian giant hornets, palm weevils, giant water bugs and red wood ants? Welcome to the future. In Bugs, a funny and thought provoking Danish documentary, we follow chef Ben Reade, food researcher Josh Evans and producer (and now culinary expert) Roberto Flore as they travel around the world finding the best new insects for us to eat. That’s right. Insects—the last frontier. Billed as “A Gastronomic Adventure with Nordic Food Lab,” Bugs comes out of the forward-thinking chef behind the famous Danish restaurant Noma, Rene Redzepi. It’s the profits from Noma that fund the lab, which is billed as matching food with science. Over the course of the film, the trio of Reade, Evans and Flore go from Kenya and Uganda to Italy, Mexico, Japan and Australia in their quest to find the tastiest and most nutritious insects. Part of the fun of the film is watching the three young men try to out-do each other in their search for the perfect insect. They dig through a hill covered with termites to find the delicious queen, a delicacy. In Uganda, they devour honey from very odd-looking stingless bees. The trio shout out their love for insects, going on about the exquisite tastes of the strange food they’re eating. Behind the humour is the very...

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20th Century Women

20th Century Women Mike Mills, director & script Starring: Annette Bening (Dorothea), Greta Gerwig (Abbie), Elle Fanning (Julie), Billy Crudup (William), Lucas Jade Zumann (Jamie) Mike Mills, the writer-director of 20th Century Women grew up in the late 1970s and early ‘80s—the time when punk and new wave overtook country styled rock–in a home dominated by his mother. Auteurs always tell their own stories and Mills is still mining his past for ones that can inspire his films. For his last, Beginners, Mills told the story of his dad, a gay man, who came out late in life. Christopher Plummer won the Academy Award for playing that role so compellingly. Now, it’s time for his mom. Annette Bening is brilliant as Dorothea, a tough, compassionate and funny woman, who is trying to raise her teenage boy to be loving and respectful towards women and become a “real man,” not a macho one. She turns to the women who are in their lives: Julie (Elle Fanning), who has always been Jamie’s best friend, and Abbie (Greta Gerwig), a feminist artist, who rents a room in their ramshackle old house in Santa Barbara, California. The young women are appropriate but hardly perfect choices. At first reluctant to help, Abbie suddenly decides to take Jamie to a punk club, dances around a room with him spouting anarchist rhetoric and gives him a copy of the radical feminist anthology Sisterhood is Powerful. She demolishes a typically gregarious hippie-ish dinner party by explaining in detail how she feels when she’s menstruating. Julie shares with Jamie why she has sex with boys. For her, it’s...

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Fences Denzel Washington, director August Wilson, script Starring: Denzel Washington(Troy), Viola Davis (Rose), Stephen McKinley Henderson (Jim Bono), Jovan Adepo (Cory), Russell Hornsby (Lyons), Mykelti Williamson (Gabriel), Saniyya Sidney (Raynell) Prejudice can take many forms. In the case of Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington), waste collector in 1950s Pittsburgh, his story isn’t even impacted directly by white people. They’re just there, behind the scenes, while Troy tries to make a living for his wife Rose (Viola Davis), their son Cory (Jovan Adepo) and, to some extent, his older son from a previous marriage, Lyons (Russell Hornsby) and mentally impaired brother Gabriel (Mykelti Wiliamson). But his life—and their very existences—are utterly affected by the racial boundaries that affect them. Fences, August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning play about the Maxson family set in his hometown of Pittsburgh, is all about the enclosures that affect lives. Troy was a star baseball player in the Negro Leagues before Major League baseball became integrated. Instead of being a wealthy retired star, he’s a has-been, a garbage collector who was great in a league even black people want to forget. Troy is a bitter man, who can’t accept his successes and is haunted by the failures that held him back. He has a house, a wonderful wife, a great friend (Stephen McKinley Henderson’s Jim Bono) and a couple of sons who love him. But it’s not enough—and he can’t accept their love. Troy spends his time drinking and reminiscing and building a fence in his backyard. He’s angry and tough, filled with rules that keep him apart from the people who respect and love him. Fences...

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Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures Theodore Melfi, director and co-script w/Alison Schroeder based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly Starring: Taraji P. Henson (Katherine Johnson), Octavia Spencer (Dorothy Vaughan), Janelle Monae (Mary Jackson), Kevin Costner (Al Jackson), Kirsten Dunst (Vivian Mitchell), Jim Parsons (Paul Stafford), Mahershala Ali (Jim Johnson) The sentence “Based on a real life story,” often makes the difference in a Hollywood film. Knowing that the African-American women depicted in Hidden Figures actually had a major impact on the U.S-Soviet Union “space race” in the 1950s and ‘60s adds to the appreciation audiences will feel when watching this “black lives matter” film. Yet another entry in the rapidly increasing genre of films extolling mathematicians—think The Infinity Game, Good Will Hunting, Proof, A Beautiful Mind, Pi—Theodore Melfi’s docu-drama is pro-nerd as well as pro-Civil Rights. It shows that even when prejudice in the U.S. was still at its awful height, being smart could break down barriers. Set in that heroic era when the civil rights movement was making an impact on America, Hidden Figures concentrates on three women who made genuine contributions to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It was a time when the U.S. was desperately trying to catch the Russians in the attempt to put men on orbit around the Earth—and eventually, on the Moon. The three women who are profiled in the film—math genius Katherine Johnson; pioneer computer programmer and recruiter Dorothy Vaughan and aerospace engineer Mary Jackson—were significant players in NASA’s successful race for space. Director Theodore Melfi co-scripted an adaptation of Margot Lee Shetterly’s non-fiction account of how these three women and more than...

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Passengers Morten Tyldum, director Jon Spaihts, script Starring: Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora), Chris Pratt (Jim), Michael Sheen (Arthur), Laurence Fishburne (Gus) With the appearance of Passengers and Arrival, we’re seeing Hollywood’s response to the success of Gravity. As a science fiction geek when I was an adolescent, it’s nice to see intelligent sci-fi films show up as a potential blockbusters. Arrival has exceeded expectations, garnering favourable reviews and excellent box-office results, which I feared would not happen. How will Passengers do? On the plus side, just as Gravity starred Sandra Bullock and Arrival, Amy Adams, Passengers has box office queen Jennifer Lawrence as the lead. (Or at least nominal lead—it’s actually Chris Pratt’s movie for the first half of the film.) There’s a unique premise, which has made the film far more problematic than the filmmakers probably intended. And there’s action galore but only at the ending, which mirrors Gravity and Arrival to some extent. If you’re getting that Passengers, despite some pluses, including a great supporting acting turn by Michael Sheen as an android named Arthur, has insurmountable problems, that is correct. Let’s go back to the premise because that’s where the difficulty lies. And—watch out—here’s a spoiler alert because you can’t write about Passengers without discussing its major plot device and consequences. In Passengers, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are two of 5000 “sleepers” on a massive rocket ship, which will deliver them to Homestead Two, a Garden of Eden planet 130 years away from the overly populated, overly expensive Earth. (Think—Toronto today). A meteor shower and a collision actually dents the ship, awakening one of the sleepers...

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Julieta Pedro Almodovar, director & script based on short stories by Alice Munro from her book Runaway Starring: Emma Suarez (Julieta), Adriana Ugarte (Julieta when she’s young), Daniel Grao (Xoan), Inma Cuesta (Ava), Michelle Jenner (Beatriz), Rossy de Palma (Marian), Dario Grandinetti (Lorenzo), Bianca Pares (Antia at 18), Priscilla Delgado (Antia as an adolescent) There was a time when a new film by the brilliantly subversive gay Spanish director Pedro Almodovar was a big event. That makes the news this week especially bleak. With Julieta, Almodovar’s 20th feature just opening in North America, it has to be devastating for the iconic director and his distributors to deal with the fact that the Oscar foreign film selectors have not included his film in the final nine candidates for the award. This is Almodovar after all, the winner of the best foreign film Oscar for All About My Mother (1999) and recipient of the best screenplay Academy Award for Talk to Her (2002). You have to ask: what happened? In some ways, Julieta is a return to form for the director after the disastrous over-the-top comedy I’m so excited (2013). Once again, he’s in familiar territory, offering up a well paced melodrama with an abundance of women as the leading actors. For Canadians and lovers of literature, Almodovar’s choice for his source material is exemplary: it’s Alice Munro, with short stories from her book Runaway. The story is a strong but very complicated one. It involves the life of Julieta as a school teacher, lover, wife and mother over nearly 30 years. The young romantic Julieta leaves the city to be...

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The Concert Band Of Cobourg’s Annual Christmas Show is December 18th

The Concert Band Of Cobourg’s Annual Christmas Show is December 18th . There are 2 performances….at 2pm and 7pm at the beautifully decorated Victoria Hall in Cobourg. The origin of this Band can be traced back to The Cobourg Brass Bands debut in 1842. They are famous for their pageantry and pride of performance. This Show features classical and contemporary favorites and a Carol Sing Along. The Jolly Old man himself  Santa Claus will visit with the Children at both Concerts. For more information on this wonderful Concert go to The Cobourg Concert Band Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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Peterborough Concert Band Presents Seasonal Sounds For Hospice Concert

Since the 1850’s The Peterborough Concert Band continues its legacy today performing contemporary music, show tunes to Classical treasures at Community Events, Schools to Churches and Parks in Peterborough and surrounding Communities. This Award Winning Band will be sharing their “Passion and Compassion” in their upcoming Concert ” Seasonal Sounds For Hospice”. This is a musical Event to support Hospice Peterborough. Sunday, December 11 2 to 4 PM, Market Hall in Peterborough and will feature Classics, Seasonal Music and vocals by Danny Bronson. Proceeds will support Hospice Peterborough’s Community-wide “Every Moment Matters” Campaign. For more information go to Peterborough Concert Band For more information on Hospice Peterborough Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra Is Presenting Their Holiday Concert

The sound of talented young Musicians preparing and rehearsing under the Musical Direction of Michael Lyons, Director Of Strings Laurie Mitchell and Musical Coaches. They are committed  and dedicated to their Instrument….. their Craft…. their Orchestra and  quite excited about their Holiday Concert. La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra Celebrating their 18th Season. Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion. Their “Home For The Holidays Concert” is Sunday December 11th at Port Hope’s United Church 3pm.  A delightful mix of traditional and contemporary Christmas Classics. Their arrangements and music will fill your heart with Holiday Cheer and inspire a love of Orchestral Music!                             For more information and tickets go to La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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Les Amis Concert Series Bringing The Finest Music And Musicians To Northumberland

  Marianne Marusic Teaches Piano and is a Royal Conservatory Music Examiner. Michael Pepa is a World Renowned Composer. “Their Passion and Love…..Music Collaborating Together they are “Bringing The Arts To Life” on Stage in Cobourg with Les Amis Concert Series. Monthly Events Featuring Accomplished World Class Musicians. The Goal / Bring the Finest Music and Musicians to Northumberland and Celebrate The Music of the World’s Most Loved Composers. The Les Amis Concert Series Office is The Historic Cornell House in Cobourg. Concerts are held in a variety of locations and Tickets are available at Victoria Hall. Les Amis next Concert is on Friday November 25th at 7pm For more information and upcoming performances go to Metro Art School Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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Mark Your Calender For The Hastings & Prince Edward Regional Chorus Christmas Concert

The Hastings & Prince Edward Regional Chorus is a group of close to 80 vocally talented, gifted and dedicated children Grades 5-12. They experience both choral singing and choral literature as well as learn the etiquette of being a professional choir singer under the direction of Principle Conductor Rudolf Heidens. This talented chorus also performs in multiple languages. They have an International reputation for Excellence and are recipients of both Canadian and European Awards. Their Christmas Concert is December 11th At St-Thomas Anglican Church Belleville. For more information on the Choir and for tickets go to Hastings And Prince Edward Chorus Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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Teachers In A Special Concert At Port Hope Unitec Church This Sunday

5 Years Ago Music Teachers Dianne Pendock and Helen Torney with financial help from Northumberland Rotary and passionate volunteers began the Non Profit Northumberland Hills Music Festival. Every April, close to 100 children perform and compete in Strings, Piano and Voice. The gift for the students is joy of playing, self confidence and sharing their musical talent. Sadly Dianne and the Volunteers don’t have enough funds to continue the Festival in 2017. This Sunday November 6th 3pm   5 Teachers will be performing in a very special Concert at Port Hope United Church. They will be playing everything from Mozart to Gershwin. The money raised will give them the opportunity to have a 2017 Music Festival. Tickets will be available at the door. Adults $20.00 18 and under $15.00. Fill the Church and you will be able to save The Northumberland Hills Music Festival. For Church directions go to Port Hope United Church For more information go to Northumberland Hills Music Festival Take a listen to this week’s Spotlight:...

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Farming in Ontario’s Greenbelt: Possibility Grows Here

14/06/2016 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Sustainable Cobourg invites you to the fourth in their 2016 Speaker Series, “Farming in Ontario's Greenbelt: Possibility Grows Here." Professor Wayne Caldwell, from the University of Guelph, recognized expert on agricultural and rural planning issues and co-author of the Greenbelt Foundation report of the same title, will provide insight into the implications and opportunities of [...] Read more

Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo

10/02/2017 - 11/02/2017 @ 8:00 pm - The New Classical FM is the Official Radio Sponsor of the Show One Productions presentation of the internationally acclaimed all-male comic ballet company “Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo”…their first time in Toronto in 5 years…February 10 to 11 at The Winter Garden Theatre, 189 Yonge Street. To purchase tickets go to ticketmaster.ca or for more information [...] Read more


30/11/2016 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm - Northumberland New Ventures Mezzo and Avanti Bands present a concert to welcome the Christmas season, including a wide variety of music styles and some non-seasonal pieces. The venue is Salvation Army Community Church at 59 Ballantine Street in Cobourg. There will be post-concert refreshments, and shoppers may enjoy our Silent Auction (cash or cheque only). [...] Read more


29/04/2017 @ 8:00 pm - Two outstanding Pianists – one stage! Masters Series - FOR THE LOVE OF MOZART!: OP will take your mind to Vienna for Mozart’s famous piano concertos. Composed during Mozart’s time in Vienna, a period of immense creation, we’ll glimpse an extraordinary classical music period. Pianists: Jean Desmarais and Maria Sourjko. For more info visit: www.ontariophil.ca Read more